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Resources to educate ourselves and to support our Indigenous Australians

Senator Briggs uploaded to instagram with the quote "You blacked out your tile yesterday, what are you going to do today?"  - It prompted me to make this post.

With Sorry day just passing (26th of May) and Reconciliation week nearing it's end (27th May-3rd of June), today's MABO day (June 3rd) and the recent events in the US, I thought it was important make a post honoring some amazing Indigenous men and women. As well as share resources and education on indigenous issues and ways we can support them.


  • SBS has compiled a list of indigenous films, documentaries and resources
  • Support, explore and educate - IndigenousX is a great resource to educate ourselves on indigenous issues, as well as directing us on how and where we can support.
  • Little Black Duck Aus has an awesome book club!
  • Deadly Story  - A cool resource to help Aboriginal youth with their identity and culture. I think it could also be useful for white folk to look at and get educated on culture and issues that indigenous youth face.

Get educated!

  • The National Indigenous Times
  • Tanya Day - (Indigenous women who died in custody, this is her daughters instagram page who is fighting for the justice of her mother)
  • David Dungay Jr. - (A young indigenous man who died in custody after repeating the words 'I can't breathe' 12 times, only to be told 'if you can talk, you can breathe'. I've linked his mothers GoFundme page as she fights for justice)
  • The Gaurdian have published the names and information surrounding indigenous deaths in Custody from 2008-2019

 People/Accounts to follow

  • Senator Briggs (instagram)
  • Soju (instagram)
  • NITV (instagram) - They also have a free to air TV station that has great segments.
  • BlakBusiness - (informative instagram account)
  • Tiddas4tiddas - (instagram account that is inspiring and informative)
  • SeedMob - (updating issues relevant to Indigenous Australians and how we can support/educate/campaign)

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