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Rabat - Things to see and do


Rabat is quite often overlooked when it comes to visitors travel plans. Now, we’re not saying that you need to rethink Morocco, and start basing your trip around Rabat, but why not stop here in your way through? Especially if your travelling from south to north or visa versa.

Things to do and see: 

  • Visit Hassan tower (tour Hassan) and the tombs  of the previous kings. 

  • Visit Rabat Beach and wander around the corniche and to the lighthouse

  • Visit the Kasbah of Oudaya (kasbah des oudayas) - The andalucian gardens are beautiful, and then you can wander up through the streets and look at the beautiful white washed houses!

  • Wander through the old city

  • Visit the historical site of Chellah, where you have Roman and Arab ruins right next to each other!
  • Eat at ‘Dar Naji’ for a delicious authentic Moroccan meal.

  • Eat at the famous 'Yamal Cham' Syrian restaurant. Amazing cuisine, and is always buzzing with people.


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