Give your living room a Moroccan touch

Give your living room a Moroccan touch

A guide on how to give your living room a Moroccan flair.
Moroccan decor is growing in popularity at the moment, and we're here to help guide you on how to give your existing living room a Moroccan touch.

1. Be extra

Small collage of blue moroccan tiles

what do i mean by 'be extra'?

Well, Moroccans love decoration and intricate details. They love colour, patterns, and textures. Lets think of Moroccan tile patterns, did you know that the artisans making them sit and cut each and every single tile to size perfectly? They also use contrasting colours for impact, and differing patterns.

How to achieve this in your home? Use cushions of contrasting colours and a variety of textures and sizes. Don't be afraid to use touches of silver and/or gold to add that grandeur touch.







2. Plants

Traditionally, Moroccan riads' had a courtyard in the centre of them where they used this as their garden oasis. Use elements of this in your living room by adding a few key but impactful plants.

3. Cushions

In a traditional Moroccan living room, otherwise known as 'Salon', it's all about the cushions. I've put a few examples for you to check out below

MD how to add a moroccan touch to your living room

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