Care for your wool rug

How to clean and care for your vintage rug


   There's a few things you should know in order to protect, preserve and get the most out of this gorgeous new addition.


  1. You're going to want to vacuum it when you first get it home. Don't be alarmed if you see a lot of wool coming off, it's called shedding and it's completely normal. Shedding does NOT impact the thickness and composition of the rug. Think of it like your luscious locks - you want to brush your hair to keep it looking gorgeous - same deal here. Although, just like your lush locks, be cautious of significant chunks coming off.

  2. Vacuum the rug using the carpet setting with a low. Avoiding the fringe and corners. This is purely so you don't end up wrestling with the rug and vacuum. 

  3. Show this bad boy off in a light airy room! Avoid dark, damp rooms as this is where things like moths and moisture love to live. 

  4. Let it go and sunbake from time to time!, leaving it in the sun for a few hours once a month or every few will help keep it healthy, and lush! 

  5. Let out your anger! If you feel that your rug is getting dirty from all the love, take it outside and show it who's boss! Beating your rug and then leaving it in the sun is a common way to clean your rug in Morocco! 

  6. Give it a bath - but before you do, test the color/black wool to make sure they're colour safe. If color starts to run when water touches it, avoid and instead repeat steps 1-5. 

Vintage rugs are an investment piece, and if taken care of properly can last for years to come! 



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